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We offer only proven quality, fast moving items with automatic consumer appeal.

Carla's Classic Cotton Candy -
"You will think your standing at the fair," it is delicious. Made especially for Smith Distributing - prepackaged 84 - 2.4 oz bags.

Pickle Pops - Frozen pickle juice ready to serve. Bob's Pickle Pops are low cost and ready to drop in your freezer for a frozen slider type treat that generates great profit and customer excitement.

Pickles - Lose the tongs, lose the deli paper, dry your hands and hand em a pickle in a bag. - they are good - people love them - Size "HUGE" - try a box - prepackaged 12 / jumbo pickles.

Popcorn - Try our prepackaged all-n-one popcorn - with coconut oil, seasoning and popcorn in a snip and pour pouch. SEASONED PERFECT EVERY TIME, MOVIE QUALITY POPCORN. Case 36 pouches / 8 oz.

"BIGS" brand sunflower seeds - We looked for years and found BIGS seeds. THE NAME SAYS IT ALL, big seeds, big flavor, big bag (2.75 oz) and BIG PROFIT. Offer your customers exciting ORIGINAL, RANCH, DILL PICKLE and SIZZLIN' BACON  flavors and double your money on the best seeds you've ever tasted.

Pretzels -  Fresh not frozen – shelf stable, individually wrapped. Delicious and convenient with incredible customer appeal. Available in salted and cinnamon with icing.

Jalapeno's - Plastic wide mouth gallon jugs, no more broken glass. Easy to serve sliced jalapenos. 
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